Commission Stasi


If you would like Stasi to draw a portrait for you, contact us at any one of the following:


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Call Stasi at 214-548-9097


Generally, the process is as follows:


Include in the email the digital copy of the photo or photos you want Stasi to draw from.  The larger the face on the photograph, the more detailed and clear the portrait drawing will be.  If you have an original photograph, contact us at the above to make arrangements for us to scan it and return the original to you.


 Price List


  9  X  12:            $300.00

11  X  14:            $400.00

14  X  17:            $500.00


Prices may vary upon the complexity of the work and whether or not the completion of the work is time sensitive.  50% of the agreed upon price is required upfront, as creating a portrait is an effort and time consuming endeavor.


Prices Below Reflect the 50% Down Payment Requirement.