Our Story

to-god-be-the-gloryThe Wonderful Gift

We noticed that many Americans display a wide variety of information in the form of bumper stickers on their cars.

We thought that this gives glory to man, more specifically to the individual displaying the sticker, stealing glory from GOD.

So we created, with help of our LORD and his provisions, by way of fellow Christians that provide their time and talent to our cause, the Give GOD Glory bumper/window sticker.

This is a great way for fellow Christians to bring people's attention to the need to Give GOD Glory.

To us, "G Cubed" means more than "Give GOD Glory", it also stands for the Trinity, GOD the Father, GOD the Son, and GOD the Holy Spirit! The exponent is a representation of the Infinite Power of the Trinity and GOD's exponential blessings bestowed upon his people!

We would like to see people, all across this land, begin to wonder: "What is G Cubed?"

Then, we would like to see people seek the answer to this question, both for the here and now and also for themselves spiritually. Prayfully, questions like - How can I Give GOD Glory - will be on the lips of all who profess our LORD and Savior Jesus to be their Savior. Soon, with GOD's help, all will know what G Cubed stands for, and every time it is seen it will provoke a response in people to Give GOD Glory!

It is our desire that all people come to know the wonderful gift GOD has provided for us through the death and resurrection of our LORD and Savior, Jesus, the Christ!

How Can I Give God Glory Today?