The Vision

unto him gloryLove and Peace

It is our desire that all will come to know the Love and the Peace that only our Loving Father can provide through the redemptive act of Jesus, the Christ and through the Holy Spirit's presence in our hearts.

For individuals, we would like to see people move towards Christ-likeness, rejecting "self" in favor of "selflessness." Individuals need to recognize GOD, His Holiness, His Majesty, His Sovereignty, and we need to Give God Glory. All Glory is GOD's. To think otherwise is to "steal" Glory from GOD.

For our Nation, we would like to see our leaders return to a time when GOD is recognized as the Giver of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness in Him. He is the Creator of all that is, was, and will ever be. He is our Provider, our Comforter, our Purpose. He is responsible for our very existence, for every breath we take is a gift from GOD.